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  1. What changed?

    We strode these streets,

    favouring some

    avoiding others.

    Now we wonder,

    what changed?


    We knew these faces,

    embracing some,

    ignoring others.

    Now we look,

    what changed?


    We had our spots,

    favouring some,

    discarding others.

    Now we dither,

    what changed?


    We had our future,

    sharing dreams,

    Banishing fears.

    Now we remember,

    what changed?




  2. And then I'm not

    I am a leaf dancing

    in the wind.

    Watch how I spin

    before I fall.


    I am a bubble shinging

    on a lake.

    Watch how I shimmer

    before I burst.


    I am a lover longing

    for my beloved.

    Watch how I yearn

    until I don't