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    Mayday! Mayday!


    Calling the lovers!


    Sing songs of desire,

    Breathe arias of love!

    As the people are captive

    to tunes they’ll never own


    Calling the warriors!


    Battle inequality now,

    Challenge injustice!

    As the people are divided

    By barriers that aren’t there.


    Calling the Magicians,


    Share wisdom constantly,

    Offer insights endlessly!

    As the people are confused

    By dogma they didn’t write.


    Calling the kings,


    Honour us all repeatedly,

    Show us back to ourselves.

    As the people are betray’d

    By leaders who aren’t ours.


    And you,

    oh poets,


    Write of priceless love,

    Speak of equal paradise

    So the people are blessed

    By dreams they cherish and share.


  2. Will you, will you

    If I tell you

    The sun rises

    In your eyes

    Will you, will you

    Look in my direction?


    If I tell you

    The moon dances

    in your hair

    Will you, will you

    Embrace me in your locks


    If I tell you

    Paradise is

    In your smile

    Will you, will you

    Draw your heavenly bow


    If I tell you

    Planets sway

    At your passing

    Will you, will you

    Begin a timeless dance


    If I tell you,

    I’d spend a

    Lifetime looking for you

    Will you, will you

    Leave so life can begin