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A lament for Innocence


Who will wipe the tears from my eyes

Who will brush the rubble from my hair?

Not long in this world

Now I’m gone.


In whose eyes will shine my promise

In whose ears will ring my laughter?

Not long in this world

Now I’m gone.


Who will tease my mother

Who will annoy my father?

Not long in this world

Now I’m gone.


In which God’s name did you stop the laughter

In which God’s name did I die?

Not long in this world

Now I’m gone




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Dancing strings of Gods Lute - Poetry: Poems inspired by and written in the style of the devotional mystics such as Sufis, Mirabhai, Mahadevi Akka and others. These are the songs of the lover for his beloved, the reply of the beloved and their union.

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Tales of Love and Confusion - Poetry: My interpretations of the themes of love and confusion which colour so many aspects of our everyday lives.

Prophet Eternal: One of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors is 'The Prophet' by Khalil Ghibran. This is a book which I go back to again and again. I was surprised to read that Ghibran had intended this to be part of a trilogy which would cover themes of man's relationship with man, man's relationship with nature and man's relationship with the divine. I understand that, unfortunately he died before completing the second two of these books. Prophet Eternal is my interpretation of the third of these books.

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