Prophet Eternal

One of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors is 'The Prophet' by Khalil Ghibran. This is a book which I go back to again and again. I was surprised to read that Ghibran had intended this to be part of a trilogy which would cover themes of man's relationship with man, man's relationship with nature and man's relationship with the divine. I understand that, unfortunately he died before completing the second two of these books.
Prophet Eternal is my interpretation of the third of these books. Excerpts below:
"But master how can you say these things, every inch of your skins glows in witness to what you have found, won’t you tell us what it is?’ asked one of the daughters of Almitra.Laughing he responded ‘What did I find? I found that all along the answer was inside me. Like a blushing bride hides from her groom on their wedding nights my eyes looked here and there, everywhere except at the one who stood in front of me. When he lifted the veil I lowered my eyes so that he could not see my soul in them not realising that it was he all along looking out from within my soul. I found that when the time came for me to be held close to him all of my ornaments and preparations were worthless, all the phrases I learnt just mumbles.’ Looking at the daughter of Almitra and her husband he said ‘ As you know when the time comes for the lover and his beloved to meet there is nothing but the bliss of union. Like a foolish girl I sought my beloved here and there imagining him to be far from me, but when I stopped and turned around He was there, waiting for me.

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“So when should we pray?” asked a voice.

“Why do you feel that you should pray at all? Listen to the echo of the divine that is in all of your hearts.

Listen and look to all the adoration offered all around you. The birds don’t offer their prayers just in the morning but sing through out the day.

The quiet adoration of the flowers blossoms through the day lingering on into the night.

Even the seas chant love with each outgoing wave and then affirm yes with it’s return.

When even the music of the spheres is an act of homage why should you stand silent?

As you go about your day; offer love and thanks for all that you will receive and offer a smile in return.

If you are lonely or afraid share these with the beloved and you will be comforted.

Or share your silences with Him so that they may be filled with content.


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Looking at the figure standing tall in front of the temple another voice asked "where should we pray?". The pause around another smile lengthened as the reply came.

" If any of you can see or name a place where the divine is pray there. If you believe that you see somewhere He isn't then pray and you will find Him even there.

The eternal witness is in all our hearts, waiting for the call of prayer so that He can course through our being.

When the beloved sits smiling in all of our hearts at all times there isn't a place where we shouldn't pray.

Fill the silences of your soul with the names of the Divine, let His presence lighten your burden of work.

When you are returned to the comforts of your home give thanks to Him that awoke with you in the morning and will watch over you while you sleep.

Like the light of the sun and the winds which are His servants there is nowhere He doesn't heal with His presence. He hides in the darkest hearts like a seed awaiting the warmth and nourishment of devotion so that love may grow and flower.



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" But why should we pray?" asked someone else.

"The divine is that wish fulfilling tree whose roots are fed and watered by our prayers. The more you pray the brighter and sweeter it's fruits.

A bite of one sweet fruit will remove the bitterness and regret of a lifetime, while the scent of a tender blossom can freshen the stalest existence.

Some pray for sons, others pray for wealth or wisdom. Yet, you all forget that that prayer is communion between the lover and beloved. It is the sharing of joys and sorrows between a parent and child.

Many stand before the wish fulfilling tree arms outstretched in supplication, others kneel by it's roots wailing in desperation for the fruits that they desire. Once the fruit has fallen into the lap how many of you give thanks?

Please don't forget that if it is your prayers of need that nurture it's roots then it is your thanks and adoration that strengthens the bark and causes the leaves to shine.

Those of you who say you have all that you need pray in thanks or pray for your neighbours that their burdens may be eased.

Be like the sun or the earth who give to all without any thought of reward but simply because it is in their nature.

If you pray with a true heart for yourself then your prayers answered. If you pray with a  true heart for your loved one then you will both be happy.

However, if you pray with a true heart for all, for friend and foe then even the angels will rejoice as the Divine's burden has been lessened.

His children coins. The first lost in the market place wonders from booth to booth undecided where to spend until the market is over.

The second is soon seduced by the guile of a fair face and sweet voice.

The third however has faith and trust in their soul and the gift given them returns to benefit all.


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Then Almitra spoke again " But master there are so many names for the divine to which do we pray, how can we expect to know the right name if it is in a foreign tongue or hard to say?"

Sweet mother, how many names do you have? in how many different ways have you been called?

"Just the one" she smiled.

But are you not and have you not been mother, sister, daughter, friend, grandmother or dearest?

When one simple woman can have so many names then how many more can the infinite have? To some He is father, master or even friend.

To others She is Mother and for the lovers the Beloved.

What good the most secret name of the beautiful one if it means nothing to you. Better to stay with simple names such as beloved if they place a smile on your lips and fill the heart with love.

Do you not know that the immortal one is there in an instant when a son, daughter, friend or lover calls rather than waiting hours while a learned one reels of their lists formulae?

ignoring the entreaties on your lips the divine sees what is in your heart and hears what is in your soul.

Call Him beloved or call Her friend with love and the divine will answer. Mis pronounce a convoluted name and not even the echo responds.

"Yes but what if our prayers aren't answered, what if no one hears them?"

Some of you toil in the fields for months, what if your labours bore no fruit?

Others strive from sun up to sun down for a humble sum, what if tomorrow there was no work for you?

We all work because life is action. Some move purposefully from one task to another. Others linger and dawdle. We all fulfill our work according to our nature.

So why not share moments with the eternal witness in the same way.

The least of us is given so much from the moment of our birth by the beloved.

When we take in a breath He is there to help us breath out.

When we are full of despair He is a star of hope.

When the shadows surround us She is the sun that drives them away.

When we are afraid it is His arms that comfort us.

He is the one that causes the birds to rise to their song with the dawn.

He is the one who fills the heart of flowers with the sweetest scent.

It is at His behest that the laughter of children fills our ears.

And He is the one who arranges the meeting of Love and Beauty.

So many of our demands are met without our even realising by the all pervading Lord that we would tire before we finished counting them.

However we still ask for more and He obliges in His own time.




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