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Letting go of the demon's hand - day 4 - Another strange snapshot

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Another strange snapshot,

In amongst the shadows of a cloudy night there's someone else who needs to be seen and acknowledged. You may not have seen him, but he is there and you have experienced his handiwork.

Our relationship with fire is an old one, one that mirrors our relationship with the sun. Each time the sun rises, it brings with it; light, warmth and hope. Even though the sun stands at the centre of our solar system. With its light we become more aware of ourselves and those around us and even the noble life giving sun seems to circle us in adoration.

Each time you set spark to a fire or light a candle. Do you see the light that shines on your face or feel the warmth that suffuses you. With the banishing of darkness it feels as if everything is alright with the world because you can see it.

So how do you consider the man who comes along just to put out the candles that you lit or the fires you started? What about the light that has gone and the warmth that is no more?

At first, you may not be aware of what is going on, but then, you begin to get suspicious and after that you begin to wonder; why, why is he blowing out my candles, why is he putting out my fires and maybe even what have I done to deserve this?

You try to reason with him, but much like the shadows he brings, he’s a force of nature leaving both you and the light you brought in darkness.

Then you turn to yourself to ask the same questions; why, why is he blowing out my candles, why is he putting out my fires and maybe even, what have I don’t to deserve this?

This time the answers come; they come thick and they come fast. At times you wish they didn’t and find yourself sitting in the shadows wondering if you can live in the night or if you would die for the day.


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