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Letting go of the demon's hand - Day 16 - Shame tinted blinkers

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Shame tinted blinkers.

 For the sake of diversity and equality we need to acknowledge that if there are people who are fortunate to have and be wearing ‘rose-coloured spectacles’ there must also be people who are wearing shame tinted blinkers.

Where roles coloured spectacles help us to see the world with a lovely pink hue and the world as a pretty place full of people who want to love and care for each other. Shame tinted blinkers in some ways could be considered to be the exact opposite.

Shame tinted blinkers force those of us who have been made to wear them to live in a reality where it’s our fault that we can only see part of what is going on around us and maybe even believe that we only deserve to see a part of what is around us.

Like dray horses we have become beasts of burden and life is something to be endured rather than enjoyed as our brethren who are wearing rose tinted glasses seem to be. It’s not just the blinkers, shame tinted or otherwise that are our problem. It’s the whole set-up; harness, dray and someone with a whip to make us go in a particular direction at a particular speed.

So, that’s what we do, not because it’s right or wrong, but because that’s what we’ve been taught to do from an early age, wear our shame tinted blinkers and drag our burdens behind us. After a while, we don’t even imagine a better time or place where we may get to wear the rose tinted glasses.

We’ve been so beaten into submission that we don’t even have to be wearing the blinkers for the world to be tinted with shame and we assume that this is our lot, this is all we deserve. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, who knows, maybe even for ever?



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