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  1. And then I'm not

    I am a leaf dancing

    in the wind.

    Watch how I spin

    before I fall.


    I am a bubble shinging

    on a lake.

    Watch how I shimmer

    before I burst.


    I am a lover longing

    for my beloved.

    Watch how I yearn

    until I don't




  2. Will this be the year?


    Standing at another threshold,

    Empty eyes and a battered soul.

    Will this be the year,

    I see you again?


    Kneeling before another shrine,

    Lonely heart and trembling words.

    Will this be the year,

    I hear you again?


    Fallen before another source,

    Parched lips and confounded dreams.

    Will this be the year,

    You lift me up again?