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The dancing strings of God's Lute -Your Rainbow coloured cloak of hope

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Your Rainbow coloured cloak of hope


Why did you throw away your Rainbow coloured cloak of hope,

Only to wear rags of mediocrity

When will you don it again?


Why did you clip your shining wings of inspiration,

Only to plummet to the depths of misery

When will you soar again?


Why did you cease your glorious aria of hope,

Only to parrot the banality of others

When will you sing again?


Why did you dig up your garden of dreams

Only to roll in the dust of despair

When will you flower again?


Why did you turn from the light of life,

Only to kneel in the shadows of despair

When will you shine again?


Why did you forget the face of your Beloved,

Only to bow your head in sadness

When will you worship again?



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