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  1.  Is your mind not locked


    You've new shoes

    but are your feet not weary?

    You've run free

    but is your mind not locked?

    You've a new watch

    but are your eyes not looking at olden times?

    You've new sounds

    but are your ears not listening for something else?

    You've new clothes

    but is your body not the longing for a different warmth?

    You've broken the rules

    but is your soul not longing to be healed?


  2.  The stars are free


    You may have all the cake

    but I have candles too

    You may own all the land

    but the stars are free

    You may own the dreams

    but hope is for all

    You may claim all the music

    but laughter is magical

    You may have the big houses

    but the sky shelters all

    You may be driving in your car

    but the wind runs free

    You may count your wealth

    but friends are priceless

    You may be the élite

    but we are all unique