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  1. The chains may have fallen away


    You told me I’m not a prisoner,

    So what still holds me back?

    You told me the doors aren’t closed,

    So why do I still cower?

    You told me I’m shackled no more,

    So why do my feet falter?

    You told me the punishing had stopped

    So why do my limbs still tremble?

    You told me not to be sad,

    So why doesn’t my heart sing?


    The chains may have fallen away

    But I still long to be held.

    The doors may be open

    But I still yearn to be warm.

    The shackles may be undone

    But I still want to linger.

    The wounds may have filled

    But I still carry the pain.

    The tears may have stopped

    But I still want to remember.