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  1. Sing slow dulcimer

    Sing slow dulcimer,

    With your throaty voice

    Tell tales of Distant lands.

    Lands where the winds tousle the sands

    Lands where the sunlight dances like water in the distance.


    Sing slow dulcimer,

    With your enchanting voice

    Tell tales of nightingales

    In perfumed trees

    Who watch beauty stare

    Disconsolately at its surroundings.

    The tinkling of fountains jars

    And the fragrance of roses cloys.

    The boundless gardens of a king’s palace

    Are now a walled cage.


    Sing slow dulcimer,

    With your seducing voice

    Tell tales of a lover,

    Born like a lily in the mire.

    Unaware of its own virtue or beauty